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Progressive Gaelic 1 Audio

Streaming or Download

You will have two options with the audio files for Progressive Gaelic 1: unlimited free streaming or purchase to download. Streaming playlists have been set at four units per playlist, for your convenience (or you can just stream directly via the album links below if you prefer. The downloads are listed as 'albums' and are restricted by a maximum download size: therefore, the audio files have been split onto two albums - units 1-10 and units 11-20.

You may find it useful to consolidate your understanding of the lessons with the workbook:

Amazon has many other Gaelic books, too.

Some numbers

You will start learning numbers as early as Unit 3, but here is some vocabulary to get you started, so that you can find the unit you are on:

unit = aonad

1. aon

2. dhà

3. trì

4. ceithir

5. còig

6. sia

7. seachd

8. ochd

9. naoi

10. deich

11. aon-deug

12. dhà-dheug

13. trì-deug

14. ceithir-deug

15. còig-deug

16. sia-deug

17. seachd-deug

18. ochd-deug

19. naoi-deug

20. fichead

The first ten units to download

The last ten units to download

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