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Progressive Gaelic Books

The Progressive Gaelic books, and many other useful Gaelic resources, are available from Amazon


Progressive Gaelic 1 is available in many retail outlets. It is the first in a series of textbooks designed to guide the academically-minded student to fluency. ISBN-10: 1478233257

ISBN-13: 978-1478233251.

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Gaelic Workbook 1 is available from Amazon and other outlets. It is designed to support students who are using Progressive Gaelic 1. However, it would also be of benefit to people learning by other methods or courses, and would help Gaelic teachers who need extra exercises for their students to practise certain grammar points. The book contains more than 170 exercises, as well as the answers and a glossary. ISBN: 978-1838052409. Also available as a kindle ebook.


Progressive Gaelic 2 is available from Amazon and elsewhere. It exists in both paperback and ebook formats. It follows on where Progressive Gaelic 1 left off, and should help you consolidate your knowledge and move to A2 level and beyond. Like the other books in the series, Progressive Gaelic 2 aims to develop not only your ability with Gaelic but also your general awareness of language. ISBN: 978-1478291459. Also available as kindle ebook.

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Gaelic Workbook 2 is coming this summer. Pre-orders will be available soon. This book supports the second level of the course and follows the structure of Progressive Gaelic 2. There are another 170 exercises included, as well as the answers and a glossary.


Progressive Gaelic 3 picks up where Progressive Gaelic 2 left off and takes you into the B-levels of Gaelic competence. This is the point where you are being encouraged to become a more independent Gaelic learner and user. As such, the reading passages are longer and more complex, the vocabulary is more diverse and the structures covered are more complex. ISBN: 978-1542787208. 


At the more independent learning stage, Progressive Gaelic 4 takes the highly innovative approach of teaching you to read two fictional stories that have been written especially to help you to develop your grasp of the deeper levels of the language. As you make your way through the book, you keep encountering little snippets of each of these stories. By the time you get to read them fully, at the end of the book, you are well capable of reading authentic fiction on your own. ISBN: 978-1986999069

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