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Answers to the exercises in Progressive Gaelic 1 and Progressive Gaelic 2: sign up free to the Members' Resources page.

Audio files to accompany Progressive Gaelic 1: sign up free to the Members' Resources page.

Also in the Members' Resources section, you will find additional vocabulary, tips, extra grammar exercises and (coming soon) the audio track for Progressive Gaelic 1.

Latest news: Gaelic Workbook 2 is coming soon. Over 170 additional exercises to consolidate your grasp of the fundamental structures of Gaelic. Includes answers and a glossary. 

Visit the blog and practise reading Gaelic, or get the newest advice on how to structure your learning.

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Online Progressive Gaelic lessons can be booked here.

All five books currently available in the Progressive Gaelic series are available from Amazon.

Or, go to the Books page to see more detail about the books in the Progressive Gaelic series.

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