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Progressive Gaelic Lessons

Progressive Gaelic Lessons available online. 

An experienced Gaelic tutor is now available to provide lessons following the curriculum of the Progressive Gaelic course. Lessons can be tailored to your individual needs and can be directed to any level of the course, including those levels where the books are not yet published. Alternatively, conversation or other Gaelic practice can be arranged. Please visit: www.ewoodtranslations.com for further details.


On this page, you can keep track of further developments in the Progressive Gaelic programme. Eventually, there will be a tool to allow users to make suggestions. Meanwhile, here is a timescale so that you know what to expect.

Phase 1P

The first stage in the programme was to publish books 1-4 in the textbook series. All four of the first set of books are now complete.

Phase 2

A set of audio files is being prepared. The sound files are currently being re-recorded and will appear here gradually from summer 2019.

Phase 3

The last stage in the project will be a set of workbooks to accompany the textbooks. Each workbook will focus on the material taught in the equivalent textbook, and will have answers to all exercises.

Phase 4

The next stage will be a set of graded readers. These volumes will be a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, targeted at the vocabulary and language level of each textbook.

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